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  Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church



  Malankara Indian Orthodox Church was founded in Kerala, India, AD 52, by St: Thomas (one of the twelve Apostles of Christ). Most people are unaware of the spread of Christianity in India and especially about the fact that Christianity existed in India before most of Europe and the west knew about it. St: Thomas the Apostle also known as Thoma came to Kerala (in India), AD 52, to preach Christianity. Detailed reference about the history is available in many books.  
  Niranam Church is founded in AD 52 by St.Thomas  
        Niranam is in Kerala which is a small state at the southern part of India. Kerala is very beautiful with lush Green Trees, Paddy fields, Silent Backwaters, Hills, Mountains, Rivers and sea sides. It is a matter of great significance and gratification that an imposing cross tower being built by the Church at the Kadapra Junction. The Message of the Cross has been the most inspiring for man-kind in the path of its progress towards salvation and spiritual peace. The Cross represents the triumph of good over the evil.  


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