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Central Net Services Launched
Central Net Services is the web services division of Thomson Corporation, which is the Nagpur Branch of the Thomson Corporation, Kerala. CNS centralizes on the combined in-house  expertise available from within the Thomson Corporation group, to provide a  comprehensive range of high-quality Internet related services: Web Hosting, Web Sites Designing, Web Applications Development, Domain Names Registration, Systems Integration

Hackerproof Software Relesed
JT Software has relesed Hackerproof Software. This aura about India doing specially well in computer software often takes patriotic tones projecting India as a software super power. Though there is no reason why it can not be one, let us look at the ingredients that go into a super power. It is the capability of staying ahead of others and particular strategic advantages that one can enjoy.

Heed not thy neighbour's advice on e-mail viruses
Net surfers, beware. you might have already received an e-mail from a number of well-wishers warning you against two extremely malicious viruses on the information superhighway. Your well-wishers exhort you not to click on an e-mail which dare you to say “It takes guts to say Jesus”, or the usual “Returned or Unable to Deliver”. After all, these are supposed to be extremely malicious viruses which could potentially blow out the innards of your personal computer.

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